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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Set for Success (Kill the Client, Set for Extinction, 2010)

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Texan Grinders Kill the Client have racked up a third full length instalment to their prestigious résumé, which thus far has taken them well up the chain to establish themselves amongst the greatest Grind bands out there.
Set for Extinction  operates on a stranglehold of wrought knotted obstreperous aggression, that manifests itself  in a strong arm of thundering Grindcore, pounding at your senses again and again all the whilst possessing an abrasive attraction to its  destructive allure.
Opening up with a sample from a how to survive a nuclear war documentary they set a foreboding tone which coupled with their bitter instrumental spewing makes for a dynamic that conflicts the most brutish of instincts; fear and rage, drawing out the primitive man into their lyrical backdrop being the current decay of civilisation. Kill the Client have always had a good formula for presenting a bludgeoning cacophony, however  Set for Extinction has brought out the occasional captivating twist, track 7 Pandemic is an epilepsy inducing overdose of Grind as Kill the Client stamp in just 2 minutes about any influence under the sun to create a Pandora's box of Grindcore, which is executed in a manner worthy of the greats. Additionally we have Kill the Client take a blast at the realm of Gore, The Walking Dead being an odious operetta of gore and guttural clamour, whilst still retaining a heavy presence of straight up chainsaw in your face Grindcore.Throughout  lyrics are en par with the instruments in the hatred department, and they unleash a dark blasting tongue of vehement poetry, touching on topics of war, anarchy and genocide.
Set for Extinction, while rupturing your ear drum will tear apart that inner zen of calm and tranquility you possess, and reduce you to a mindless head-banging slave to its blastbeats, truelly a sign of a masterpiece. May I  welcome Kill the Client as permanent residents to the infamous Grindcore hall of fame.