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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

日本の極端な金属ドキュメンタリー (Japanese Extreme Metal the Documentary)

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 I don't know about elsewhere in the world, but here in the U.K there seems to be some sort of sub-culture of people who relish and over asphyxiate themselves  in anything Japanese and attempt to jap themselves up by learning the lingo, buying their computer games, reading the comics and going so far as to squint in photos. Although I have a disregard for such a clique, I can concur with them that Japan is idiosyncratic in every which way possible, which I am sure is the source of their appeal, however my appeal for Japan stems from the music. With great bands like S.O.B., Unholy Grave, F.I.D. and Bathtub Shitter amongst many others, Japan has put its foot in the door and is slowly getting some international recognition in the world of extreme metal, however what goes on behind the scenes was as much of a mystery as how George Bush remembers his name, until now that is. A documentary made by Mark Keller of Tokyo based death metal act Detritum called Japanese Extreme Metal the Documentary, has shed light on this seclusive bastion of the metal underground. So without further rambling I present to you the official description and videos for Japanese Extreme Metal the Documentary.

"A documentary that transcends stereotypes and entrenched perceptions of nationality, society and subcultures. Japanese Extreme Metal: The Documentary is the brainchild of Mark Keller, the singer for the Tokyo based band Detritrum. As it leads you hand in handcuff to the extreme borders and through the grimy trenches of metal in this seemingly most unlikely of hardcore outposts, it reveals the fanaticism with which subcultures are embraced and the lengths to which its followers will go in order to belong and therefore reject. Their rabid devotion at first seems out of place in a land whose image has been formed by the genteel notions of Geisha and the tranquility of temples."