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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Mixtape: Swedish Grindcore

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Mix tapes aren't exactly my territory, but I thought in conforming with blogging etiquette and to generate a bit of buzz I would make my very first, despite having my doubts about copyright infringement.
So a little while back over at G&P there was a interesting debate as to which Swedish band held the post-Nasum crown, although I was personally rooted for Afgrund it made me realise that Sweden has some of the greatest Grindcore bands, and probably the most amount of good locally sourced grind per capita, which is a unit I have invented to measure how awesome countries are in relation to amount of good Grindcore artists over the total population, which in real life will become part of a grand project I am planning, although the said project is still in the thought process of my cerebral cogs.
So I have left a little time in case Mr.Childers himself wanted to release this sort of comp, given that it was his site that had the debate, but the time has past so I have taken my opportunity.
I decided to feature one track per artist, and not necessarily their best track, but a track that would best epitomise their styles and quirks, in total there are 16 tracks of some of Sweden's greatest grinders old and new.

Afgrund  -  Ar Efter Ar
Retaliation  -  Basic Autopsy Procedure
Genocide Superstars  -  Fuck The Enemy
Asterisk  -   Furniture
Gadget  -  H5N1
General Surgery  - Ichor
The Arson Project  - Locust Swarm
Birdflesh  -  Night Of The Ultimate Mosh
Regurgitate  -  Regurgitated and Humiliated
Sayyadina  -  Rise of the Rejected
Jigsore Terror  -  Rotten Heads
Infanticide  - Shock And Awe
Exhale  -  Swallow
Nasum  -  The Black Swarm
Relevant Few  - Three Piece Fascist
Splitter  - Tystnaden

Enjoy the following compilation, hopefully it will introduce you to some good bands, and if you are an artist/record label whose material has been uploaded, firstly I would like to say that I a merely promoting your artist, chances are someone will buy something of your music after hearing a song they like on this coupled with a bit of research, so in a way making this free is making you money, however if you still wish for me to remove you from the list please email me or leave a comment below, I may however need proof you are who you say you are so be prepared.