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Saturday, 2 October 2010

You Disappoint Me Again and Again! (Crucial Blast Beat Terror, The Living Dead E.P a tribute to the zombiefilms of George Romero, 2010)

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I applaud Crucial Blast Beat Terror for their marketing abilities; putting the words Romero and Blast-beat together, whilst making it freely available  is an instant marketing success which will guarantee you a listen from the majority of the Grindcore demography, but this is without a doubt their only strength. The music is below the sub-standard level we like to collectively call rubbish or more politely “Don’t listen to”, I can’t find anything to like in the music, these guy/s manage to make the infamous and ever brilliant blast beat sound like shit, and that really is a sad thing. I feel like I have become a victim of false advertising, aside from having the notion that a band will only release stuff that is good at some level even if it is below average,using the words Romero and Blast Beat we expect a release that really plays on those themes and executes them in a manner worthy of using them. Sadly this is not the case their songs or parts as they like to call them are the most atrocious approach to grindcore I have ever heard; using a combination of terrible cyber and gore factors they manage to put out 8 and a half minutes of total junk music.
The vocals are by far the worst thing you will ever hear, a cyberguttural approach which sounds less appealing than the bowel movements of a large animal on laxatives, they really get me worked up and raises the question whether any of the band members have actually heard what they have produced, because if they had why did they bother to release it, I personally would be ashamed to have ever taken part in such a thing and as a saving grace rid the world forever of this heinous crime against humanity.I am very pro freedom of distribution of musical materials via the Internet, but now I am now strongly considering whether we actually should have quality control in place to stop releasing some of the worst media ever. As a general rule of thumb now that the Internet is available without hindrance in most of the western world, you could easily have a de facto  idea of quality control through listening what is out their, it seems to me that Crucial Blast Beat Terror have merely lifted a wikipedia definition of what Goregrind and Cybergrind are and used that as a template to create their own music, having never heard any in the first place.
These Swedes have seriously left a terrible stain on what is a great national grindcore export market, these guys are like the anti-nasum, I mean seriously I think these guys have almost killed off the blast beat let alone their nations grind pride, this certainly is a sad day for Grindcore.