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Thursday, 7 October 2010

I Love the Smell Of Dairy Free Coffee in the Morning

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Early Grindcore rooted in its punk origins has as a staunch anti-capitalist stance, a standpoint still practised by many of the crusties and mincemaniacs still in the genre and the term Grindcore itself has become a term which encapsulates and epitomises their left wing liberal ideology and general demur with current going ons ie Grind is Protest. So what happens when Grindcore itself is utilised as a capitalist utensil to fulfil the bourgeoisie agenda of acquiring your pitiful money for their coffers through a daily drug dependency that has been brainwashed as normality in mainstream society?
Caffeine, A coffee shop that is called Grindcore House.
The reality is I have no marxist nor anarchist agenda nor am I about to torch anything that has damaged the sanctity of the word of our genre, in fact  I just want to give a thumbs up to a bunch of people in Philadelphia who had the audacity and ingenuity to name their Coffee House the Grindcore House, it goes without saying that these guys or girls are big on their Grind, and judging from their Vegan only menus they probably give a few spins to Looking for an Answer,  Carcass or any other band that promotes the anti-mixed grill sentiment.And If like me meat is just too good to give up have what any man can neigh refuse; pastries albeit dairy free ones. Which the owner claims are some of the best damn pastries you will ever lay your fleshy tongue on.
 Upon entry patrons will notice some Grind/Metal being pumped into the atmosphere, who doesn't like Behemoth and Coffee in the morning? And with plans for movies (possibly implemented) and a record shop in the basement, they are stepping over the all to identical image and customs of Coffee Houses and creating something intriguing and appealing at the same time. 
So if I ever find myself in the U.S.A and so happen to be in Philadelphia I will give their coffee and pastries a go, right after I have engorged myself on a double-octo-kingsize-super-whopper burger or whatever it is you guys eat out their.