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Friday, 15 October 2010

Dawn of Godzilla! (Agathocles & Black September, Dawn of the Infidel, 2010)

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By the time I have finished this review, Agathocles have probably dished out another few dozen releases, once again initiating the painstakingly  and time consuming game of catch up for a collector such as myself to keep on top of their infamous portfolio which I might add Metal Archives is missing plenty of.
If one was to pick to any review about an Agathocles split, there is a 99% chance I could copy and paste the review of the Agathoclean half to this post and the  lifted review would apply to their half of this split also. Agathocles aren't known for their creativity, Their trademark lo-fi, plenty of reverb and simple yet messy tracks leave their music stuck in the 80's punk and early grind scene, but thats cool we all like Back to the Future and other landmarks of the 80's. For better or for worse they stick to their formula, and for me personally it works, and that is all their half is; straight up Agathocles, no twists or surprises just raw mincing grindcore mayhem, the way we like our politically charged grind. In fact I do lie a tad, there is something unique about this, and that is it comes on  8" square flexi-disc(yes an actual square), although highly impractical it adds a unique factor to their generic formula.
As for Black September they  are named after a terrorist organisation, a un-pc theme they play strongly on to create a highly comical monologue before entering their low production value loud punk, although the low production can be attributed to that the release is a live recording. Their half is a set of hilarious gags contrasting the stereotypes of Islam fundamentalism and of American contemporary politics in a manner akin to Borat crossed with Achmed the Terrorist, and the transition between jokes and music is executed well and leaves a smile on your face as your ears a given a sucker punch of live audio.