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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Greek Genealogy (Archagathus, Mincecore Fever, 2010)

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Is it treason to admit liking Canadian Mincemaniacs Archagathus more than the founding mincer the one and only Agathocles? In any case I am sure we can agree on a number of things, firstly that both bands are good regardless of who's better than who, and secondly in true Mincecore fashion these guys produce a hell of alot of material. Luckily keeping up with the extensive discographies is made easier through a nifty tool known as an anthology,(someone please tell Agathocles this) And Archagathus' Mincecore Fever is exactly that, a anthology of their works from 2005 to the present, which would explain that the album art is a collection of album arts from their discography.

We have 40 tracks saturated in archaic Grind, splashing out bellowing grunts and screams occasionally timed to add impact to the peak of either a percussion bombardment with a filthy riff flung here and there. The music sounds gritty and rough cut throughout, there is something about the crude machinations of their work resembling that of neolithic man attempting music with the skull and bone of his foe replaced with that of a drum-kit and drumsticks. Furthermore the music awakens a number of primitive mechanics in your brain from their slumber, a sense of joy whilst having the desire to scream and thrash around, and pull a middle finger to authority, in true mincecore fashion.
Archagathus despite being a tribute band to Agathocles, seem to be more refined in the production of mincecore, everything seems to be more co-ordinated and tends to flow a bit more superflously,  and their production quality lacks a static discharge that is on a numerous Agathocles  releases, although this could be argued as deviating from Mincecore rules, I personally prefer it this way, giving a fresh face to a method that we have seen hundreds of times over.
So if you wish to hear the best Agathocles worship with a tweak here and there, then this certainly is one release to lay your paws on.