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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Internet is Gay (Anal Cunt, I Like it When you Die, 1997)

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Without a doubt the most vulgar and callous band on the planet are Massachusetts(spelt correctly first time!) home grown abomination;  Anal Cunt. The name of the band goes back to the ancient Buddhist riddle of "What is the most stupid, dumb and yet offensive name possible?", and it took a bunch of pill popping drunkards to come up with it, and then attribute it to their band.  Little did they know how fucked up the band would become, as it began its head first plunge into depravity. Fronted by the most notorious man in music and with the exception of politicians, lawyers, dictators and serial killers probably the most notorious man on the planet; Seth Putnam. If I was to write every single messed up thing this guy ever did, and everyone he has ever pissed off then I would have to take out a publishing contract and release it as a biography. All you need to know is Seth Putnam  is obnoxious and extremely political incorrect, and he transgresses this offensive attitude into his band, and for all this vulgarity we love these guys and hold them with great esteem!

Without a doubt this is my favourite release by Anal Cunt, song titles are akin to the simplistic early teens humour where you could add the words is gay or sucks to any noun and you would get a few chuckles out of it. Still generally a incoherent rambling of guitars and drums like early A.C., you will catch the odd injection of song structure and "melody" to their short burst of songs. Aside from their infamous brand of noise and offensive humour, the most recognisable trait of A.C. is Putnams piercing shrills, where he screeches out all manner of profanity and insults in quick successive bursts, having listened to this release so often I manage to pick up a crude sentence here and there, and as expected only foul mouthed insults seem to leave Putnams lips.
They have dropped their frequent racist ruse, which I believe is more to create stigma and notoriety than actual any far right ideology, only on one occasion have I spotted a racist statement in this album, but generally the theme has been left out. Featuring the only known fan musical tribute to the legendary child's game Hungry, Hungry Hippos, A.C. have altered their humorous lyrics from the down right offensive to include general absurdities with plenty of You do this, or that is gay and so and so is this and that, they offer unique sense of humour that which may not accommodate for all, but for those that still remember the days of early teen absurdism then this one for you, providing of course you can take a whole 42 minutes of predominantly homophobic ranting.