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Monday, 29 November 2010

This Post Kills Bandwith (This Comp Kills Fascists Volume 2, 2010)

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Get some killer Grindcore bands, put a few Powerviolence bands here and there, chuck in Scott Hull, and what do you get yourself? You get yourself one hell of a killer Compilation. This second instalment to his This Comp Kills Fascists series, compacting about 20 more songs compared to the predecessor allowing for a 13 minutes of longer play before you luddites hit he play button again or switch the disc. or as tech savy infidels just set up a play queue. Featuring a plethora of bands that I am sure even the most grind minded have not heard all of the bands on the list, hell I actually felt guilty for not knowing some of these, because they all are pretty damn good and not in the give it a once listen good, but the insatiable hunger for more material good. It doesn't pack quite the same knock-out punch as the first, but its one hell of bloody mess of a second round, and by far the best compilation I have heard in 2010. Its sole purpose according to Relapse is to be a comp of the best underground bands, and that it does a fantastic job of, although perhaps a bit too American centric to really fulfil the title to the full. However the non-U.S. talent is certainly a fantastic ear drum crushing selection of Grind, special shout out to Idiots Parade who belt out in both musically and female fronted form a take on Suffering Minds take no prisoners Grind, although have a bit of work to do to trump Suffering Minds latest Grindcore Holocaust,but they are certainly one to keep a keen eye on or both. 
Once again Scott Hull has shown his better at making a release then any sort of mixtape you can conceive,through a vast plethora of blunt force trauma Grind which every few minutes rotates to give you an alternate form of punishment on your ears, you are left satisfied and yearning for a trilogy or beyond.