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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Spreading the Dis-Ease: Eustachian, The Sphlagnum Bog, 2011

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Eustachian are the transatlantic's co-ordinated answer to Japans destructive cyber grind act Deathstorm.Much like their counterparts they manipulate out of their helpless listener a sense of profound paranoia, through passages of uncertainty and digital madness, evoking a myriad of emotions; from fear, anger, bewilderment and torment.
Moments of Grinding destruction and strongarm metal-core are strangled out by various electronic manifestations, only to re-emerge again more horrific and crass form than before, as if subjected to the horrific experiments of a deranged digitally adept scientist.
The use of electronics is not as clean cut or perfect as one might expect, it has the human error factor to it, making the use of digital effects feel more like a natural progression of a descent into madness instead of an artificial forced one.
I really like this release, there something wholly unnerving about it, a atmosphere it retains consistently throughout keeping you on edge, but if you look beyond this dark tainted aura, one will find a highly calculated, skillful and mesmerising allure to its experimental temperament.
The tracks entitled Martinique, of which there are three parts to, are by far the most unsettling, any sense of music has been stripped out, leaving a collection of random noises and silence.
My immediate comparison was to that of the Ring (I have only seen the Japanese version so it could very well be a sample), it manifests fear through a feeling of unknown coupled with a sense of impeding doom.
Do not fall into faux pas of assuming this is a nintendo-core or sample overdose approach to Cyber/ Experimental Grind/Metal,this release is one of an atmospheric nature, where the use of digital effects are used for the sole purpose of being the corrupting element to the malay of sounds and noises.

I havent even reached the best bit about this all, this cacophonic collection of horrors is 100% free once again courtesy of J.Randall's record label Grindcore Karoake, at this rate with such quality first releases and unique ones at that, Mr.Randall is fast tracking his label to secure its title amongst the respected labels.

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