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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

America Es Una Dictadura (Crimenes De Guerra, Sangre Rebelde, 2004)

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Most Punx tend to worship the Scandinavian and Japanese Punk scenes but fail to comprehend the strength and aggression played in the most intense Punk scene in the world, the Latin American scene. By saying this I entitle Mexico, every country in South America and of course the homeland of Spain. Japanese Punk being as wicked and insane as it is, it does not top the Spanish speaking bands and to this day I still could not give you a definite answer as to why, until now.

Crimenes De Guerra are an Anarchopunk band from Mexico City, Mexico that in my opinion released one of the greatest Anarcho-based records of the previous decade. The album is entitled Sangre Rebelde and is a little over 25 minutes long, just the perfect length for this type of record. I originally stumbled across this looking on a news forum that did not pertain to music at all, instead focusing on the light of inhuman crimes and beheadings for a research paper when I found this awesome record for download. Didn't know what to expect but once I heard the first track "La Resistencia", I knew I was in for a good ride. Sick production and vocals very much so in the style of Latin Anarchopunk, being that they are shouted at insanely fast speeds proclaiming the evils and wrongs of man and its corrupt and vile legal system. I enjoyed the guitar quite a bit, being that is was tuned perfectly to what I think Punk should be, any lower and it would be muddy and just irritating. Drums are great, consistently pounding out roundhouse fills and d-beats just the way I like it. Probably the coolest thing about this album is the title itself, making a major reference to the old Mexican rebels that fought against its harsh and cruel government that persecuted its own country and essentially crumbled because it was so vile and despicable. I believe history will repeat itself, civil war is approaching and anarchism is now a possibility in Mexico, liberation and solidarity being their only weapon this is what the album focuses on primarily and I really dug the deep approach rather then just the generic "fight the man" bullshit we've been hearing since we were 13. If you haven't heard of this band definitely worth a listen, but if Anarchism, Human and Animal Liberation and overall Protest isn't your thing, or you just hate Punk, then this will not be anything new. Fuck taxes.