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Friday, 25 March 2011

Alamak! What are you doing on Grind to Death-lah? (Analdicktion, Sluts, 2011)

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To all gore-grind bands and porno-grind bands I warn you, its a great gamble to request from me a review of your material, aside from my complete disdain for porno-grind, and my general loathing of 99% of gore grind bands for reasons of unoriginal, shit music, crap choice of aesthetic, etc. So when Analdicktion contacted me about writing a review, deep down I was dubious that I am going to have to slander another band off judging by band name, album art, lyrical concepts etc, but if I preach openness I best live up to it, lest be a hypocrite, so thus I accepted the challenge. And luckily for Analdicktion the gamble paid off, yep that's right it paid off, yes I know that I lured you into thinking this release was going to be terrible, but that is a technique I and actual real authors and journalists employ to keep attention, yes I know I am wasting time, and even more time by constantly writing, but its my blog and my post, and I can right as much as I like about whatever I like, did you know Hippo's eat only Red Herrings?
Time wasting aside, Analdicktion although as suggested by the name and artwork are not really goregrind, although there is that tone to it, however I personally would describe them as Cerebral Bore meets Circle of Dead Children  in a blood soaked bath tub of death metal cacophony, with all the free cadavers and chainsaws you can muster. Architectures of rhythm are grand and foreboding as they shake violently amongst the snare slamming savagery  as a constant howl bellows on occasion warping to a testosterone laden scream of intense anguish and despair.
Sporting bone crushing break downs that force the very earth before you to tremble, and a tyrannical manic smashfest of blast beats and rolling drum kicks, they quickly establish a dynamic that operates on interlacing rhythmic and harsh moments in a superfluous conjecture of brutal death metal than occasionally protrudes violently its bloodied fangs into a grindcore vibe like a hell bent rabid dog.
 The only grumbles are two in number, firstly the drums in the more intense moments play the same fast paced beat, which although one hell of a bestial beat it can feel samey as the tracks progress and the second qualm is a personal one, and that's I don't really like the general gorey porno theme, but in no way is a reflection of the top notch pounding they offer, and besides that's the beauty of music, you can make it about anything you want.
To be honest it is no surprise that these guys are good, this release will be released by Scrotum Jus Records, the same guys who originally released the legendary Wormrots - Abuse, and if my memory serves me well, Analdicktion's logo is designed by non-other than the man himself Arif Rot, either that or someone else from Singapore whose artwork goes by the name "Rot Art". Once again, SE Asia is showing up trumps as the new homeland for extreme music, with Analdicktion amongst is arsenal of sickening sounds from the orient. Fans of Brutal Death Metal, prepare to have your faces shredded off.