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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Grinders Digest

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  • The Grind World Wide Series will be done every month instead of every two weeks, academia must prevail, plus give it more time for people to voice their opinions.
  • As per usual Grindcore Karaoke shows no sign of stopping its free killer grindcore rampage.
  • Myself and Luke Oram have launched our own label Dataclast Records, all releases will cost 5 us cents the exact cost it is for us to host, so that way we stay completely non-profit, and incur no financial loss to ourselves. Currently we have 3 releases that you can preview for free, just to get a hint as what the label will be offering soon. Artists feel free to get in touch, and readers spread the word!
  • Napalm Death offer their new track to the decibel flexi series here or listen to it on this post at the bottom.
  • Grind and Punishment offers a outlook into the death of physical and the rise of digital music here, with Luke Oram offering a series of opinions here (alongside contact with the future), mine to follow suit soon.
  • The Grindcore Alphabet series also over at G&P has reached letter F here.
  • Czech Grinders Malignant Tumour, have won a award, awaiting old time and isolationist grinders verbal abuse on the "popularisation of grind" and how it should stay KVLT and in the underground (source)
  • For those of you want to know the variations of Dirge that will be available check out this graphic.
  • Something I forgot to mention when Hydrahead originally mentioned it, a karaoke competition is in place to win a copy of Orphan, see here, with a preview of available via Noisecreep.
  • Total Fucking Destruction have two new music videos one here the other here
  • New Haemorrhage is available for pre-order here.
  • Police are still searching for a L. Dram who has recently claimed responsibility for a number of fires at grindcore gigs, he has been noted as claiming on his site that he wishes "To destroy this god awful music, and pave the way for djent"
  • Random fact of the week: Dueling is legal in Paraguay as long as both parties are registered blood donors.