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Sunday, 20 March 2011

A bit of the old Ultraviolence? (Kuntpuncher, Take Drugs and Eat Kebab 2011)

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Had I not known better, then I very well might of guessed that Britain's very own happy hardcore grinders Kuntpuncher were non other than the violent youthful rapists and general troublemakers that  are Alex DeLarge and his fellow droogies. Blending in loud electronica abuse with grind, they offer a fast paced, aggressive, yet humorous and even sometimes trippy reality, to their mind boggling grind. Straight from the outset one can see that an Altered States of America era Agoraphobic Nosebleed are a heavy influence on the material, although not as fast nor intense, but more mellowed out, as if years of drug abuse have finally caught up with them, and thus either fucked up their perception of time, or it has impeded on their cognitive ability to process so much rattling noise.
Aside from the overtly politically incorrect and offensive choice of band name, Kuntpuncher offer an even more vulgar array of abuse in the form of merchandise and lyrics, in a manner befitting the Burgess' aestheticisation of violence in a  regressive dystopian urban youth culture. From the head cracking pounding fury to the mind screwing audio sampling of complete randomness of it all, your heads going to be giving you  "what the fuck is going on!" voice for the most part of it, and perhaps I think this may be one of those rare instances in art, where things actually make sense if you took drugs prior to exposure (perhaps drugs and kebab, maybe the title is instructional?) give the full picture to this psychotic cyber frenzy. Actually upon reflection, perhaps taking drugs to listen to Kuntpuncher isn't the best idea, as the band learnt first hand. From masquerading around in black face, fucked up videos and a rather messed up feel of Doctor Who crossed with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the rape of cultural innocence these drug fiend bastards offer, is going to be more than a sober you will ever tolerate! Highly recommended for those who just like to fuck shit up!