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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Savagery at its Best (Expurgo, Burial Ground, 2010)

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Never in my acquaintance with extreme music have I come across a more bestial sound than that of Brazilian grinders Expurgo latest diabolical manifestation Burial Ground. Fans of true grindcore and zombie flicks will be sure to find some level of unnerving comfort amongst its heinous brutality and its savage temperament.
If Music was like genetics, then I am pretty sure Expurgo would be the equivalent of crossing the genetic make up of pure unadulterated grindcore with that with the Chimaera of greek mythology, because personally I can't think of any other more foul creature that encapsulates the omnipresent terror and truculency that they unleash across their 29 blistering tracks of unrelenting savagery.
Their ferocious musical streak they thunder out is rather unsettling ,by virtue of the fact that upon every listening the pounding of colossal proportions gives your ear drums kicks upstairs in the cranial department; resulting in concussion and general loss of motor-neurone control.
They warp the non-stop fury of assuckian death grind with greater clout, offering a no holds bar ravaging feast of blast beats, bellows and shrieks. Much like fellow kinsmen Sepultura they add an unprecedented tribal feel to their work, crafting something dark and primitive out of a collection of harsh noise and even embed deeply a more sinister rage.
Across their 29 tracks of brutal zombigrind they falter not once in their pursuit of darkness and despair. From the echoey bellows of some foul thuggish knuckle scraping beast to the screeching cry of strangulated vocal chords, they give their perfected grind a an imminent sense of life and death, fully enveloping the listener into a survival mode based on overwhelming fear.
With the vocals in the foreground spewing all manner of chilling crude words smashed together, while the instruments add to this chilling backdrop, complementing each other greatly, making it seem less and less like music and more and more like some perverse horrifying reality; the stuff your darkest nightmares are made of.
All in all, it's a fantastically well rounded album, that can genuinely boast an unmatched professional execution with a excruciatingly brilliant dynamic, that surprisingly across all  29 tracks each track sound equally fresh as  as it does its unforgiving savagery. I highly recommend this to one and all, certainly the best release I have heard this year, which is a shame on my part because this is a 2010 release, and had I known about it then I am pretty sure this would of easily secured my number 2 spot, possibly usurping my number 1.

And for those who really want to be enveloped in it, I recommend listening to this fucking beast whilst playing Stalker as I did! Expect your life expectancy to cut in half.