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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Welcome to the Kingdom of Lordaeron.... (Lordaeron, Sacrosanct, 2010)

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Lordaeron from Nottingham in England are primed set and ready to destroy yours 
ears with the debut album release Sacrocanct. In the vast land of UKDM bands
Lordaeron for me have always stood out for taking the extreme nature of 
Death Metal with a blackened and mathcore Touch. I have known of this band since
there demo days and they have truely come of age with this new release!

The band open the album with Celestial Desolation, this track is a great opener
for the CD with its barrage of Machine gun like kick drum and brutal gutterals
from vocalist Phil. Great hooks follow showing this band isnt just saying
"look how fast we are, we also have groove." Wolf in Hiding follows with a early
Iced Earth style intro breaking you in slowly, for me this worked great as 
I was still taking in track one's devestation, but carnage soon follows with
a brutal blackened death assault. The drumming in this album is truely superb,
relentless and precise, Gritz has a sound that not many drummers in the world 
could replicate. The guitar and bass work throughout the music is extremely 
solid and well thought out, making this band a devestating combination of 
musicians. The song writing for me has touches of alot of bands but for me 
they sound like a fight between Nile and 1349 with Messugah as the referee.
Other stand out tracks include "Homage to the Hermit" and "Swansong for the 
Detritus" both doing exactly what I wanted to hear unrelenting, interesting,
inovative death metal without alienating the brutality that so many tech bands
for me lack in the current death metal scene. Horns up this is one of the best
releases from a UKDM band for a while.  


Josh McMorran