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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Grinders Digest

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  • Wormrot have embarked on their USA tour, for information on when and where to see them a complete list of dates is here.
  • Myspace is in the shit, with a massive decline in unique visitors, perhaps it is time for bands to jump the boat to another service. source here.
  • Maruta have released  their new album, available via willowtip here, and you can hear all the tracks for free over at metalsucks here.
  • Back here in the UK a private members bill is in the works to clear up all the red tape and bureacracy in playing live music, source here.
  • Product Placement in Music Videos is allowed to enter the UK scene source.
  • Extreme Music has teamed up with MTV to create a new company called hype music, who wish to give exposure to underground extreme music, will they give grindcore a go? source
  • Leading Digital Musical providers  such as Itunes and Amazon, wish to provide even better music quality, however surprisingly industry watchdogs are against it saying it will lead to "confusion" what a bunch of c**ts. source
  • Music and film distributing giant HMV are set to fail a "financial health test" this will confirm the already well known belief that such industrys are on the decline. source
  • Graf Orlock are interviewed with Pop Matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohh well, heres the link
  • Rotten Sound Interviewed here
  • Luke's secret scientific experiment Atomck, willl be releaseing a split with Chicago based grinders Paucities. Join them on Facebook here
  • Agathocles split with Violent Disgorge has been released via To Live a Lie here
  • Also via To Live a Lie, $1 Humming Bird of Death CD's here
  • Random Fun Fact "The word "lethologica" describes the state of not being able to remember the word you want."
Previews Agathocles and Violent Gorge