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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Slams, F-ing Slams. (Dysentery, From Past Suffering Comes New Flesh, 2008)

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In the United States, Death Metal has held up its mighty reign for years. There are many different sub-genres that can be considered the best within this primary genre. Specifically speaking, Massachusetts does not usually have any ties into a strong Brutal Death Metal (BDM) scene; however with the recent assault of extreme power from BDM band Dysentery, this may change. Dysentery has been ruling the underground for roughly a decade and has a few memorable releases under their “hell bent for leather” belts (yes that was a Judas Priest joke). Most notably and prominent is their first full length release “From Past Suffering Comes New Flesh”. This album has some very straight forward Death Metal moments, but also has some of the most brutal “slams” I have ever encountered. Track by track I am overwhelmed and awed by this bands impressive ability to make my head fucking bang. The drums are blistering, the guitar work catchy, and the vocals are diverse and range fantastically between the harshest highs to the most guttural lows. It shall be appropriate to review this journey of an album through analysis of certain individual tracks.
Disassembling the Entities: This track begins the album with a sort of Deathcore type chug riff that starts off the Groove just right. This opening track also helps transition into the next song’s sporadic intro riff.
Decimation of Fear: This song starts up with a rapidly quick riff that compliments the implementation of some of the more pig squeal type vocals that are portrayed throughout much of the album. If I were to invite a new listener to the art of BDM I would choose this song to portray what this shit is all about.
Unfolding Creation: Beginning with a catchy rhythmic shrill this song has a lot of power backing it up, along with an immense groove and slam that makes the hair on my arms stand up with chills (I’m really into Brutal Death Metal). On a bit of a side note, this track and a few others would really gain by having the vocals turned up a bit on the mix, they are very quiet and the songs lose a bit of the atmosphere due to this imperfection.
A Malignant Future Awaits: My personal favorite, this track sounds like more of a traditional Death Metal track with a classic style intro. The vocal transition a few seconds in is definitely something that I would use to help define the phrase “brutal as fuck”.
I would highly recommend checking out this great Brutal Death album. If you have not heard of this band or would like to check them out, you can find them at Myspace.com/dysenterygrind or Facebook.com/dysenterygrind. I promote this band specifically due to the fact that they are trying to get more likes on Facebook then the disgraceful “death rap” group (or whatever you want to call them) Insane Clown Posse, which I find humorous and cause worthy.
-Jordan Barsamian