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Thursday, 24 March 2011

DIY or DIE! (Terrorismo?, Catacumba Apodrecida 2011)

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In a day were the world is becoming smaller and smaller, and more and more impersonal, music is merely an accessory to ones perception from others and expendable at a mere click, we often feel we lost something deep in musics transition into the age of 1's and 0's. However not all have forgotten the beauty of the scene that once was, operating on the ideals of personal interaction and DIY ethics.
Once such beautiful acquaintance with this vanishing underground is Brazil's Terrorismo?  who after contact had been established via email, agreed to send me their demo. After much time, I began to be anxious that once again the postal service had failed to deliver me goods sent to me, and I would have to resort to asking for a digital copy. However thankfully  the goods arrived, and what glorious goods they were.
A beautiful envelope displaying the picturesque scenery of Brazil lay before me, and as I rummaged inside I pulled out a letter, and two discs. They were kind enough to hand write me a letter explaining the band and what they stood for, and the purpose of the delay, which turned out to be that they wanted me to get not only hear their demo, but to hear their latest release Catacumba Apodrecida, both of which were about the most DIY fashioning s I had ever seen, from the self printed covers and its lamentation, printed CD's and accompanying lyrics sheet, all instantly recognisable as work people have slaved over every step of the way.
However back on track I run a review site of music not of rating music on its DIY factor, of which this would rate in more DIY than Blue Peter category (doubt non Brits will get that reference.
Catacumba Aprodrecida  reminds me a hell of a lot of a more lo-fi Archagathus Sick Life,  the mincecore vibrancy is just sheer bliss, finding yourself shacking your head and tapping your feet in tune with its fluid feel, only to have the feel disrupted with the desperate screaming pleas and harsh guitar work in a scrambling outrage of political rhetoric.
If the art and accompaniments weren't DIY enough, the release is recorded live and its quite gruff, but if you can see past the reverb and audio corrosion (of which I might add, I am starting to like lofi quite a bit now, much like a fine wine, but with more decibels and beats, either way too much of either will give you a splintering headache! And a good one too!), you will notice a fine rythmyn snaking its way in and out of the mincing mode, slithering around before it bites you again with its screaming venomous elocution.
Terrorismo? lay waste to the traditional mincecore formula and offer something really stimulating with just as much sting as the rest conjure up on world wide woes. This will slay your senses!