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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Zombies of Brutal Death. (Unfathomable Ruination, Self-titled EP, 2010)

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The minute that fellow Grind to Death contributor Josh McMorran pointed me towards the band into which this post regards; I knew that I would become hooked. With a name like Unfathomable Ruination there is not much room for error. The first thing I noticed about the band from researching the miniscule amount of info on the web about them is that for one they come from the London area (which makes sense why Josh would point them out to me) and also that they have members from some of the U.K. and London’s best death metal bands. These bands include Bloodshot Dawn, Embryonic Depravity, Fleshrot (fuck yeah), and Trifixion. So it’s safe to say that I was pretty much pitchin’ a tent even before I listened to this Death Metal supergroup. The listening experience as I expected was vibrant and eye opening. Although there are only three tracks on the self titled EP that the band has so eloquently provided the world, they do not disappoint the starving Brutal Death zombies among us.

The first track Echoes of Universal Futility comes at the listener with some guttural lows that would make the great Odin cringe. The soloing on this track reminds me of some of Suffocation’s great guitar work, as I assume is intended due to the fact that the band uses them as a large influence. In the end of this fantastic track there is a break in the song where the guitar starts to play a quite catchy and beautiful bit of tapping, that sends chills down my arms due to its ambient aura. Definitely something to remember the track by. The second track Inundation of Elemental Indifference explodes with some blast beats and slams that make my fist punch the closest solid surface around me every time. All around solid track, although could use a louder vocal track on the mix to create more of a full sound (the most minor of flaws that plagues most Brutal Death Metal bands). Track three Suspended in Entropic Dissipation has an elegantly brutal title and equally as wicked lyrics that accompany this song fantastically. The opening riff to this track reminds me of an older styled Sepultura intro which definitely adds to the power of the song.

I highly suggest checking out the tracks for your listening comprehension at the below links, and if you see fit throw the band some of dat’ green in your pocket. Cheers to Josh McMorran for showing me these Death Metal Connoisseurs and may UKDM live on.

-Jordan Barsamian



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