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Monday, 21 March 2011

Focus on my mind. Focus on my strength. (Suffer the Cycle, Expire, 2011)

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This band, oh man. Where do I even start? I fell in love with them when I first saw them with Rotting Out last summer, of course. They were promoting their EP, Grim Rhythm. Heavy, fast, and energetic. I found myself moving to every beat of their music, wanting to go completely nuts. I know that the next time they came back, I definitely did. I sang my little lungs out and went home with no voice. So you can imagine how incredibly fucking stoked I was when I received a little preview (or all of it) from their new 7", Suffer the Cycle. I was all smiles and immediately started listening to it. It has literally been on repeat since I received it last Tuesday.

Suffer the Cycle is being released under Six Feet Under Records. The 7" contains 4 songs worthy of both east coast and west coast mosh. While the rest of the world has been arguing which coast is the best coast the Midwest creeped up and boldly said "No coast is the best coast, Midwest is where it's at motherfuckers." I can't really say much else without giving the whole thing away. Basically, you need to listen for yourself so pre-order the 7" here before it's too late. You can also to listen to "Sleep Lost" on there, which is one of the track on the record. Obviously. So what the fuck are you waiting for? Do not sleep on this.