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Monday, 14 March 2011

What ever did happen after Kilafornia....?

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One of my first favorite hardcore bands was First Blood. All of my big-brother like figures around me LOVED them, and Kilafornia grew on me. Regardless of anyone's opinion on that album, it continues to be one of my favorites.

A few months ago, I was walking downtown with some friends, and a truck drove by with "Kilafornia" plastered across the back. I giggled under my breath "haha, First Blood". A guy that was with us stopped and said "whoa, most people wouldn't have made that coralation".

Soon after I went home, and wondered, what DID ever happen to First Blood!? So I looked them up, and due to my ignorance, I had completely missed their release in November 2010 of Silence Is Betrayel.

Regreted. That. Decision. Promptly.

Not only is the album at a constant up-beat, its a very, very loud political statement. Carl Schwartz, the band's front man, constructs a full length CD keeps you jumping around in your drivers seat, while listening to the things most don't want to hear. The beginning opens up with an eerie half-sung statement "the time comes when silence is betrayel", and followed by new's excerpts mixed with creepy laughs.

The songs flow into each following, in a heavy and melodic tone. Constantly fast paced, with an immense amout of echo'd vocals in the background.

The third song, "Preamble", gets you stoked for the fourth song, "Enemy", with a good "FIRST FUCKING BLOOD" yell in your face. Enemy, personally, is my favorite song. So the mix of the two is genious. Enemy is filled with passion, and has a powerful excerpt at the end. The songs following have the fast paced feel I keep talking about.

Like I said...constant, constant, constant. Constant echo's, excerpts, passion. First Blood. First Fucking Blood!

"How can we live life without ever questioning? When knowledge gives you power, and the truth will set you free."