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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Grinders Digest

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  • Wormrot Dirge is up for pre-order here.
  • They say what comes around goes around, remember when Metallica took Napster to court? Well Napster might be buying out Warner Brothers Music, of which Metallica belong to. Poetic Justice?
  • Atomck/Paucities split now available on physical format: here.
  • Obscene Extreme have announced a few more bands, increasing my jealousy levels.
  • Feel like a broken record on this one, but once again Grindcore Karaoke has released some new amazing material, including Robocop's demo, and Death Cult Jocks first full length, here.
  • A music industry spokes person, gives tips on how to make vinyl worthwhile to fans here
  • A L. Dram has reportedly smuggled himself into Libya, where he claims he intends to sell life insurance to rebels and loyalist forces, however amongst his belongings was a Kcmota CD, and as the international community has not yet fully recognised the rebel government as being the official government, Gaddaffi's 32 year old ban on heavy metal music and its derivatives is still legal and effective, where L.Dram risks being conscripted into the loyalist army as punishment. No one from the White House has commented yet.
    Random Fact of the Week: Colgate had trouble marketing in Spanish speaking countries, by virtue of the fact that in Spanish Colgate is the imperative form of go hang yourself.