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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The South Has Risen Again (Flesh Parade, Dirty Sweet, 2011)

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I consider myself an old school grinder, sticking to the past and liking current releases that show a lot of influence and raw sound from the older stuff I appreciate. This long awaited and overdue release is finally here and much like the album itself, my review for it has been quite delayed due to a tight schedule. Dirty Sweet is the second full length (if you don't count Kill Whitey as a comp) from Cajun Grinders, Flesh Parade. For all the people waiting over a decade for the amazing album's follow up, I think most of us can say it was definitely worth the wait. Although I do love Flesh Parade, it pains me to admit that they are criminally underrated along with possibly my favorite Grind band, Warsore. With Dirty Sweet under their belt and an entirely new generation to infest, I think they will finally start to get the attention they deserve.

Dirty Sweet is a little over 30 minutes and manages to destroy every preconceived negative thought I had about the album. Starting off with kind of a boring Choir Intro I started getting worried and had second thought; luckily this was just a tease, much like the album cover. Jumping right into the next track is a furious blast fest topped with their signature animalistic vocals. This is Flesh Parade at their finest, with upped production and sounding as vicious as ever. Perfect riffs matched with excellently cued blasts and beats, every riff was soon engraved into my memory like a pocket knife carving an oak tree. By far my favorite aspect of Flesh Parade has always been the vocals and the production has them louder then ever. Even though the production has been raised quite a bit, it is not over-produced into sounding lame and stale like most stereotypical Death Metal, this is Grindcore and no Death Metal is in it. I only have two complaints from this album, my first being the amount of songs, with only 17 tracks I would have liked to seen 21-25 tracks on this record, but the final song being as long as it is makes the album stretch out as if it did contain more songs. My other complaint is the album is only on CD for the time being, but the band has talked about releasing a vinyl version so this is just more of a minor annoyance for now. These minor things do not negatively impact the album in any way for me however, I love it just as much as Kill Whitey, if not more and both are extraordinary releases. If you loved Kill Whitey or just want some refreshingly intense grind to melt your brain, give this album a go, as it will definitely go down in the history books. Buy it and support these maniacs, they deserve it. The south has risen again.